Why AAGIM – Why Farmland?


Choosing to invest through AAGIM ought to be based on a rational, commercial approach to seeking a manager which will deliver on your goals.  Our long term track record, and even longer “hands on experience” in the Australian agricultural sector provides you with the confidence that what we say we can do, will get done.

There are a number of other factors which we bring to support your investment decision:

  1. A strong culture, business philosophy and approach to cost management
  2. Experienced, practical management at every level – from Head Office to the Farm
  3. The determined execution of a clear plan, based on your needs
  4. The use of proven technologies and operational tools to maximise productivity
  5. Comprehensive risk management strategies
  6. Integrated buying, value adding and selling strategies – for produce and real assets
  7. Low management fees
  8. Strong communication and reporting to investors
  9. A comprehensive view to sustainable farming and ESG

Why Australian Farmland?

Australian farmland has attractive fundamentals for astute investors providing strong risk adjusted returns, low volatility, diversification and a hedge against inflation.

In 2018, AAGIM updated our long term analysis of the relative performance of farmland in Australia compared to other investment options.  That paper entitled “Top 25% Agriculture – Secure Performance” can be accessed  [Click Here]

The following charts are an extract from that paper:


The Australian Farmland Index is compiled by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) covering a significant portion of Australian corporate agriculture.  Since inception the total return is 13.25%, with income and capital returns at 6.20% and 6.79% respectively.