AAGIM Statement of Business Ethics


Incentives, gifts, benefits:

AAGIM expects its staff to decline offers of gifts, benefits, travel, accommodation, hospitality or other incentives if they think that the person offering the gift, or a fair observer, might think that they would be influenced in the way they do their job as a result of the gift.


Conflicts of Interests:

All AAGIM staff are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.  AAGIM extends this requirement to all our business partners, lessees, contractors and suppliers.



All AAGIM information should be treated as confidential unless otherwise indicated.



All communication should be clear, direct and accountable to minimise the risk of perception of inappropriate influence being brought to bear on the business relationship.

All contracted and casual employees, contractors, suppliers, service providers and property lessees, are expected to comply with this statement of business ethics.


Who to Contact:

If you have any questions regarding this statement please contact Marcus Elgin on +61 3 9678 0700 or email info@aagc.com.au, or via our website http://www.aagim.com.au/contact-us.


Our key business principles:

The principle of “best value for money” is at the core of all AAGIM’s business relationships with its suppliers of goods and services.  Best value for money does not automatically mean the lowest price.  Rather, AAGIM will balance a range of relevant factors including but not limited to initial cost, whole-of-life costs, quality, reliability, and timeliness in determining true value for money.  Part of obtaining best value for money also includes ensuring all our business relationships are honest, ethical, fair and consistent.  Our business dealings will be transparent and open to scrutiny wherever necessary.


What you can expect from us:

AAGIM will ensure that all its policies, procedures and practices relating to tendering, contracting and the purchase of goods or services are consistent with best practice and the highest standards of ethical conduct.

When doing business with its suppliers of goods and services AAGIM staff are accountable for their actions and are expected to:



In addition, all AAGIM procurement activities are guided by the following core business principles:



What we ask of you:

We require all lessees and providers of goods and services to observe the following principles when doing business with AAGIM:



Why is compliance important?:

By complying with this statement of business ethics, you will be able to advance your business objectives and interests in a fair and ethical manner.  As all AAGIM suppliers of goods and services are required to comply with this statement, compliance will not disadvantage you in any way.

You should also be aware of the consequences of not complying with AAGIM’s ethical requirements when doing business with us.  Demonstrated corrupt or unethical conduct could lead to: