AAGIM's ESG Principles

AAGIM actively manages environmental, social and governance factors to lower risk and optimise return. At the core of this is sustainability; our needs have to be met today without sacrificing the needs of the future.




Land: We start by working with the natural advantages of the land. Through working with, rather than against the natural environment, agriculture is used to regenerate the land rather than degrade it.

Emissions: We take it as our responsibility to reduce our emissions intensity. It is why we measure our emissions and take steps to reduce these emissions year-on-year.

Waste: Inputs are precisely measured and managed using innovative approaches to maximise their efficiency.





People: The health of a business is only as strong as the health of the people in it. We aim to actively contribute to building healthier people via fair salaries and wages, safe working conditions and investments in their education.

Communities: Rural communities are a beloved part of Australian identity. We aim to preserve and grow this by engaging local staff and businesses, being involved with local clubs and competitions, and investing in community education and employment.





Board: A culture of inquisition, hard work and responsibility are promulgated from the Board. AAG’s corporate structure is designed to require justification of investment decision at three levels; senior management, the investment review committee and the Board.

Reporting: The foundation for effective reporting between operation staff, managers and the Board is through sound workplace culture and relationships. Effective communication is facilitated by transparent and reliable reporting systems.


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